Billboard Project

By Marketing

South Africa’s most reputable funeral parlor opens a brand NEW branch in Johannesburg!

As a Marketing agency, we were excited to roll out this exciting milestone for Icebolethu Funerals! We had to factor in a lot of effective ways to get this billboard to make a statement.

Our creative team had to do the following:

– To create engaging stock images that had to communicate the message on this billboard.
– The layout of the billboard together with the look and feel.
– We had to find a story by having a key message and making sure it had a meaning.
– Choose a great location and get this billboard to make a statement.

Our goal as creatives is to always fulfill a need, even ones that people didn’t know they had until they see billboards we work on.

So next time you are around Carlton Center and you happen to see this billboard, be reminded that we at Kenako Marketing are dedicated to successfully meet the needs of our clients and connect with their customers.

Marketing and Sales During Covid19

By Marketing

Covid19 has altered the way we market our businesses and sell to our clients

At Kenako Marketing we are assisting our clients through creating relevant marketing messaging and placing it in the right platforms.This includes the use of PR marketing through radio and TV, as well as digital marketing that speaks directly to relevant audiences.

Through animation videos and infographics we have assisted our clients to create content that promotes new business processes that allow businesses to function and grow.

Infographic of policy payments that allows businesses to retain and gain clients: