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It has been 5 months since we successfully launched the Boardroom to the Kitchen Cookbook on 05 December 2020 and we have enjoyed every step of this journey.

Now that we have finished the first batch of the printouts and more activities are permitted on the current lockdown level, we are excited on our current PR and Marketing plans to promote this book. Boardroom to the Kitchen is currently available on most Exclusive Books across the country and you can order your copy from

From Boss Meals to Supermom Dishes; this book offers readers a behind-the-scenes look into Nomfundo’s life as a businesswoman and how the kitchen has been an integral part of her family life. Filled with her personal antidotes and essays, this cookbook relays the story of humble beginnings and how Nomfundo turned her dreams into reality.

Kenako Marketing’s scope for this cookbook is as following

  • PR & Marketing.
  • Media releases.
  • Videography announcements of the cookbook launch by Nomfundo.
  • Scriptwriting for the videography.
  • Photography of the PR campaign images as well as the social media marketing drive.