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PR Starter Package

By Public Relations

Public Relations is one of the key ways businesses gain traction and grow brand awareness

The benefits of PR include improved  internal synergies and keeping staff updated so they can best assist customers. Externally PR creates a positive brand image that draws customers to sales channels and creates confidence with stakeholders.

It is with these benefits in mind that we have created the PR starter package to assist growing business. The package includes:

  • Monthly PR Strategy Plan
  • 1 X Monthly Newsletter 
  • Distribution of the newsletter to staff and stakeholders 
  • 1 X Monthly Press Release 
  • 1 X Monthly PR activity for radio / TV / newspaper 
  • 2 X Social Media PR post creation 
  • Monthly PR Report 

Package Price = R10 000pm [*minimum 6 months contract]

Marketing and Sales During Covid19

By Marketing

Covid19 has altered the way we market our businesses and sell to our clients

At Kenako Marketing we are assisting our clients through creating relevant marketing messaging and placing it in the right platforms.This includes the use of PR marketing through radio and TV, as well as digital marketing that speaks directly to relevant audiences.

Through animation videos and infographics we have assisted our clients to create content that promotes new business processes that allow businesses to function and grow.

Infographic of policy payments that allows businesses to retain and gain clients:

Empowering our clients to navigate Covid19 through PR

By Public Relations

The Covid19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, stay relevant and communicate with our clients and stakeholders.

At this time of navigating uncharted waters we have been able to assist our clients to create positive PR through creating initiatives that assist communities.

Through press releases, TV and radio interviews as well as social media engagements our clients have been able to lead the Covid19 narrative for their various sectors.